Friday, December 6, 2013

Day... what? Aw who cares! :-)

Well, that was a good lesson in "counting the days" of Sesshin!

The best sittings were always when which day were were on, had to be given a moment's thought!

Not much that I'd call noteworthy anyway...  it's been a great week, and the sittings have been "normal", if you can call them that.  I've been feeling "bubbly" at the rehearsals, and folks have been attributing that to the upcoming ceremony.  Upon reflection, I would say it's more because of the communication with other signers!  Oshin,  Ari, Jay, and other's have been around for the non-silence of rehearsal, and it's a real bubbly time for me to get to communicate this way.  Sesshin or not, I go for long periods with very little peer-communication.

It's wonderful to see the gang making adjustments as we rehearse to accommodate the interpreters and allow for modifications in other areas.

It's also mind-blowing that this is all being done around me. It's so humbling. I know the ceremony is for everyone too, and I'm so glad it's a group effort. Still, I'm the man of the hour tomorrow, and I find I am looking forward to it  AND for it to end!  There is a double content to something like this. We get supported, validated and feel special and accepted.  It also is a serious lesson in neutrality. Go for the "King for a Day" and it's just an ego trip - sure to be a let down later. Try to hide out and minimize and you miss the opportunity to serve. That's what these times are really about. Be they Head Soku, Abbot, Shuso or leading a small crew on work day. Leading, being honored, supported or just progressing in some way, sparks the community into action, and service begins. This is how receive a gift. Unsupported by anything.

Here's to tomorrow!


  1. well said, Keith. it's a very special moment for you and it's really nothing special in the scheme of your life and your interconnect with all of life. your life has prepared you to live this moment and the next moment. yet, a moment of samadhi occurs when causes and conditions allow pure experience with no separation .... i wonder if that special quality is always available and it's simply when dawna is out of the way that it can be felt, touched, breathed ... what do you think? if I were there tomorrow that would be my question. with a warm bow d

  2. Keith, I've so appreciated your blog. You're a good writer. I especially loved the piece about grieving Seido's death - so articulate, intimate, tender, real. Thank you, thank you, for this and all you've given as shuso.