Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ooo, been a while!

The Shuso thing reached full speed about 2 weeks ago, and time is starting to fly! I think the talks have taken a bit of a toll, because I'm the type to talk with just  few notes.  Until my sign improves, I'm writing them all out for the interpreter, and "glossing" a copy for my self written in ASL script.  I still get to deviate as I'm moved, but the the prep is time consuming.  To top it off, I have a tendency to throw it all away, if I don't like it, and then I start over. LOL!   Silly me...

Nonetheless, it's been a joy getting to know everyone, and participating in everything!

I think the request that I follow the schedule to sit all sittings, and attend everything is a great thing for the Shuso to do!  We tend to fall into the false notion that we do not have enough time. That's possibly true at times, and so we work with it. The real statement behind my exclamation "I have so little free time", is "I want to have more free time to just play and relax!"  It's a real eye opener!  When I first started, I applied the admonition that works so well with sesshin:

Give yourself over to sesshin, and the schedule.  This time it was to give myself over to the whole PP, and the shuso schedule.

I'd love to say it was a kensho-marvelous success, but, well, I've had my successes and failures. The great thing is the overall effect. Areas of resistance are encountered. Lessons are learned; such as what it REALLY means to say YES at every opportunity. (Sometimes you have to say "Yes, I can't do that.")

So, I'll see you all on Wednesday night for my third talk. Thanks for all the support and friendship!

Bows to All


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