Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The WSM Questions...

Hello Friends...

The Way Seeking Mind talk is still reverberating through me like a freshly struck Densho.  The questions I was asked at the end, in particular. I was asked by more than one resident to consider expounding on the questions further in the next talk I give.

So, this week, I've been reflecting on the questions, as well as the answers I gave. We field these answers, usually in the last 5 or so minutes. This is cool, because we get the Shosan effect. This is less than cool too, because these questions can, and did, create more questions.

Over the next few days, I will post the questions here, and give you a blogger-version response this time. Longer, but not too drawn out.

What I'm hoping to do is to see how these questions engage the theme of the practice period; "Entering the Buddha Way", and with such a wonderfully wide theme, I'm optimistic.

See you soon...

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