Thursday, October 24, 2013

Glorious Mistakes!

Good Morning!

There was a WSM talk this morning, and when the speaker was done, and ready for questions - he said "as Keith would say", and then signed the word Pop Corn!

I chuckled at the error, and then had this cascading experience of understanding how a single action or mistake can cause a whole chain of events! Not the speaker's mistake - mine!

At last nights talk I was curious why we went into Q&A. We usually do not on Wed night talks. But it turned out to really add life to the event.

When this morning's speaker signed popcorn for question, I realized that my error had led to questions. You see, at yesterday's Staff Meeting, they asked me to announce Skit Night after I was done.

"Please remind me if I forget", I asked.

They know my fondness for popcorn, and that I'm going to make some for the event, so they all signed popcorn, and told me they'd do that after I was done, as a reminder.

Last night I finished, and no signed popcorn! So I did, so as to say "hey, where is my reminder?"

I'm guessing here, that the interpreter was staying in context, and said Questions! The sign "popcorn" is nearly identical to "questions", and one would expect questions after a lecture. So we launched into questions, much to my surprise.

I Shared this because it was awesome to see this chain of cause and effect, so clearly. This must happen much more than we are aware - so that makes a huge part of our life-experience an unpredictable series of cause and effect.

What a hoot!

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