Sunday, October 20, 2013

Changing... always changing.

The reservations department had their annual "changing of the guard" lunch at Greens. A time when we say farewell & thank you to those leaving, and "HELLO" he newbies.

An interpreter was invited so I could enjoy and participate. And participate I did! 

Being to myself for such long stretches creates a kind "End-Of-Sesshin" response. You know what I mean... a week of sitting has just ended, and now we are all sort of busting out, joyfull and giddy, laughing and enjoying the inner child.  

This is a teacher for me, and the lesson is a about connection.

As I got deafer, my connections were being severed and thinned in many areas. It was not readily apparent what to do, so I've been on a pilgrimage within the very halls of the temple, exploring things.

When the Practice Period started, I was given access to CART, ASL Interpretation, and there are many efforts to include me. It's been a real eye opener!  Connections are being formed again, and strengthened.  

Upon reflection - Connections arose as a good topic for this Wednesday's Dharma Talk.

See you there!

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  1. Keith - Thank you for this wonderful, insight-full, dharma-filled blog!